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Hunt trophy Buffalo and Banteng in Australia's Outback.The Buffalo hunts take place in the Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia. This remote country encompasses 23.5 million acres of uninhabited wilderness. This is a hunter's paradise with very limited access. Entry to this area is by permit only. Hunting is normally conducted by cruising the edges of numerous huge floodplains in 4x4 vehicles or quads depending on conditions. Once a suitable bull is located, the final stalk is then on foot. Hunting these submerged hulks during the day is very exciting as it is sometimes difficult to see these beasts due to the height of the grass and the stalk can often last for hours. Australia is also home to the magnificent Banteng.These hunts take place in the Coburg Peninsula.Banteng have thrived here and can be found in varying concentrations throughout the peninsula.The best time to hunt is early morning or evening where they feed in the grasslands and less timbered areas. During the heat of the day, they rest and head inland to more shady and heavily timbered areas. The hunting season runs May to September. Hunting accommodations are comfortable tent camps with modern facilities including 240 volt power supply, hot showers flush toilets,beds, linens, etc.A camp cook will prepare high quality meals during your stay.

5 Day (1x1) Buffalo Hunt
(There is a $2,500.00 Trophy Fee on Harvest)
5 Day (1x1) Banteng Hunt
(There is a $3,500.00 Trophy Fee on Harvest)