British Columbia Stone Sheep #1: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

With over 4 million acres of exclusive outfitting territory in northeastern B.C., it is no wonder why they call this a hunter’s paradise.The area is extremely remote and can only be accessed by horse or aircraft.There are no roads to or within the area and wheeled vehicles of any kind are prohibited.Due to conservative hunting methods employed over the past 30 years, this area has a healthy ram population with great trophy potential.

15 Day Hunt
(There is a $10,000.00 Trophy Fee on Harvest)

British Columbia Stone Sheep #2: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt The Williston Lake region of northcentral B.C. This 2,500 square mile concession was recently taken over by an experienced outfitter. Even though there has not been a ram harvested here for over 10 years, it is only due to the fact that they have not been hunted. Since taking over the area two years ago, the outfitter has located a couple of drainages where the sheep are. It is only a matter of time before a hunter harvests a quality ram. This hunt is conducted from horseback/backpack into remote country. A lot of hiking & glassing will be involved.This hunt is not for everyone. It is designed for a hunter who has patience and perseverance and is looking for a true challenge, with the ultimate reward being harvesting a trophy animal at a very economical price as sheep hunting goes these days.

12 Day Hunt
(There is an $8,500.00 Trophy Fee on Harvest

British Columbia Stone Sheep #3: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt the Cassiar and Rocky Mountains of northern British Columbia in some of the most scenic, remote wilderness country there is for Stone Sheep.The terrain is quite rugged and mountainous with numerous streams, rivers and lakes.This is a true personalized, trophy hunting operation with a friendly, youthful and hard-working staff that caters to each client's needs.The opportunity to take a trophy animal is very high as there is very little hunting pressure.The guides are enthusiastic,hard-working and possess extensive knowledge of the hunting area.After arriving in Smithers, B.C.,you will take a two hour float plane flight to the base camp.The base camp is quite comfortable and is equipped with cabins,cookhouse,shower and outhouse. Spike camps utilize lightweight wall or backpack type tents.The hunt then becomes a horseback/backpack hunt into the backcountry.Patience, persistence and being in good physical condition are all pre-requisites to having a successful sheep hunt.This hunt is one of the most successful in the outfitting industry with a 90-95% shot opportunity and an 85% actual kill on rams that average 8 _ years and 36 inches.Other species,such as goat, moose,caribou,elk and/or black bear are available on a trophy fee basis.

14 Day Hunt -
18 Day Hunt - (Includes 2 other animals)

(Trophy Fee: There is a $10,000.00 Trophy Fee when Ram is harvested. If no Ram is harvested, hunt will be treated as a mixed bag hunt with no trophy fees on additional animals. If Ram is harvested, trophy fees apply to additional animals taken.)

Trophy Fees for Additional Animals:

Black Bear

British Columbia Bighorn #1: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt the Kootenay region of southern B.C.The Kootenay's are home to a healthy and stable population of Bighorn Sheep.This area is a full curl area. Given the area's great gene pool and full curl restriction,any ram taken will be an excellent trophy with a real “slammer”ram always a possibility.Typical rams are in the 170-180 class and tags are very limited,therefore advanced booking is required.One word of caution,sheep live in remote,rugged terrain and hunting is not easy.Hunters are required to be in good mental and physical condition.Being prepared will maximize your opportunity to harvest a ram and enjoy your hunt.Due to the limited number of tags allotted,these hunts may be conducted in a number of different areas within the Kootenay region of B.C.Success rates are lower than other North American Sheep species,as any Big Horn sheep hunter will attest to.However,full curl Bighorn's are the ultimate North American trophy. This hunt is structured on a Trophy Fee basis with optional species tags available. This hunt fits in well with a Mountain Goat as both species live in relatively the same areas.

9 Day Hunt
(There is a $5,000.00 Trophy Fee on Harvest)

British Columbia Bighorn #2: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Here is another hunt in the Kootenay region of southern B.C.This area borders Banff National Park to the east and Kootenay National Park to the west. The terrain is remote and hunting is tough.Will full curl restriction in place, typical rams will be in the 170-180 class. Similarly to our B.C. Stone Sheep Hunt #3, this outfitter has recently taken over this concession. However, in two years this outfitter has isolated a couple of areas where the sheep live. It is only a matter of finding the right hunter who is willing to take on the challenge and go in and complete the harvest.With this in mind, the outfitter has structured the hunt on a Trophy Fee basis and has priced it well below the average value of a North American Sheep hunt.

10 Day Hunt
(There is a $5,000.00 Trophy Fee on Harvest)

Alberta Bighorns: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep is the ultimate in all of big game hunting in North America.With a great ram population and a lot of time spent prescouting the area before the season, success rates are high.One month ahead of the first hunt, guides will be locating rams for your hunt.Average rams will score Between 160”-165” but some 180”+ have also been taken. Comfortable camp with cook tent, heated sleep tents with cots and professional staff are all provided on your hunt.

14-Day Hunt

Alaska Dall Sheep #1: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt Alaska's Chisana Valley. Located within the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve, this guide area (GMU 12) is 65 miles long and 55 miles wide and is only accessible by aircraft. This area is remote and mountainous and as with all sheep hunts,good physical condition is required to be successful and have an enjoyable experience.This area supports a healthy population of sheep where trophy quality is excellent and hunter success is outstanding.After a charter flight into the main camp, you will set off on horseback to one of several spike camps. From here it will go from horseback to backpack in search of your ram.The Dall Sheep season runs from August 10th through September 20th. In September, this hunt can also be combined with other species including Moose and/or Grizzly.

10 Day (1x1) Hunt
10 Day (2x1) Hunt

Alaska Dall Sheep #2: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt the western Alaska Range (Unit 19C).This area has been a very steady producer of good rams for many years.The sheep population here is good, and is further augmented with other bands of sheep moving into the area to take up residence in the lush,well watered slopes. After arriving at base camp,all hunting is done on foot out of remote spike camps.The area offers a lot of diverse terrain, and it possible to hunt ten days here and not cover the same ground twice. Sheep hunting is strenuous and hunters are urged to be in good shape.Grizzly, black bear and caribou are also found in the area and combination hunts are possible.

10 Day (1x1) Hunt

Texas Aoudad: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt free-ranging Aoudad Sheep on a 300,000 acre ranch in West Texas near Van Horn. This is a spot and stalk hunt in diverse terrain. Hunt both prairie bottoms to mountain peaks with elevations ranging from 3,000 to 6,000 ft.This hunt has a high success rate running close to 100%. Stay in a clean and comfortable ranch house with all meals included. Hunt also includes the harvest of 2 Javelinas. Season runs November through April.

5 Day Hunt

Western State Bighorn & Desert Sheep: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Call and ask for information on Draw areas.

Alaska Mountain Goat: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt the scenic and remote fjords of Southeast Alaska's Coastal Mountain Range with all the comforts of home aboard a 50 ft. vessel. This area, with its majestic fjords and rugged peaks soaring out of the sea is renowned for record B&C class Mountain Goats. Success rates have been 100% for many years with Billy's averaging over 9 inches.Many in the 10 inch class have made the B&C record book.This is a late-season hunt that runs late October through the end of November. By then, due to the colder temperatures, the long hair on these goats is extremely prime,making it one of the most eye-catching trophies you will ever earn. Also, due to rutting and snow conditions, Mountain Goats inhabit much lower altitudes making the hunt more enjoyable and also possible for physically less able hunters. Aboard the spacious motor vessel, you will enjoy superb meals, hot showers and comfortable bunks. Take a charter flight to the boat from Juneau and get ready to explore some of the wildest, most beautiful country on earth!

9-Day Hunt

British Columbia Moutain Goat #1: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt the Rocky Mountain trench of northcentral B.C. After arriving in Prince George, B.C. you will take a charter flight into the main lodge. From here you will be off on horseback and then backpack into the mountains.There is a healthy, stable population of Goats here as evidenced by the unlimited quota of tags.Although success runs high, being in good shape is necessary to complete your harvest not to mention have an enjoyable experience.Additional animals including,Moose,Elk and/or Caribou can be harvested on a Trophy Fee basis.

7 Day (1x1) Hunt
(Price includes Black Bear & Wolf)
(Moose, Elk or Caribou Trophy Fee additional per animal)

British Columbia Moutain Goat #2: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt northern B.C. in the Cassiar and Rocky Mountains,approximately 150- 200 miles south of the Yukon border.This concession has an exclusive hunting area of 1.6 million acres. The entire area is very mountainous with numerous lakes and rivers throughout the territory.The Mountain Goat hunting here is great.The average size, year in and year out is 9 inches. Late August and September is the best time to hunt for goats if you want bigger horns and better weather. On these earlier hunts, the weather is warmer, there is less snow, the days are longer and the country is more accessible. If hunters are looking for goats with really long hair, a hunt in mid to late September or early October is the best,however these later hunts require hunters to be resilient and physically fit and you could lose several hunting days due to weather.This hunt can also be combined with other species, such as Moose,Caribou, Elk and/or Black Bear on a Trophy Fee basis.

6 Day (1x1) Hunt
6 Day (2x1) Hunt
8 Day (1x1) Hunt
8 Day (2x1) Hunt
10 Day (1x1) Hunt
10 Day (2x1) Hunt