Kansas: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt excellent habitat of bottoms, draws and agriculture. Thousands of acres of private leases. These ranches have a good buck to doe ration along with great Trophy quality. Fully guided, semi-guided and unguided archery and firearm hunts available. Fully guided and semi-guided hunts include meals and lodging.

6-Day Fully Guided Archery

6-Day Semi-Guided Archery

6-Day Unguided Archery

5-Day Fully Guided Rifle

5-Day Semi-Guided Rifle

5-Day Unguided Rifle

Illinois: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Archery hunt some of the midwest’s prime habitat in southern Illinois. Over 8,000 acres of diverse cover and food plots. Very limited openings due to strict trophy management. Fully guided and comfortable lodging included.

5-Day Archery

Late Season Archery

3- or 4-Day Shotgun/Muzzleloader

3-Day Muzzleloader Only Season

9-Day Gun/Bow Combo

Indiana: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

This hunt takes place on privately owned farms and farm leases. All properties are managed and pre-scouted with strategically placed stands. The terrain is classic midwest timber and draws surrounded by agricultural fields. Limited hunters taken each week to avoid over hunting any one tract. Hunt includes meals, lodging (newly constructed log lodge) and trophy care. Located on the western border of the state, this hunt may be combined with a hunt in Illinois if tag is drawn. Indiana Tags are “over-the-counter”.

5-Day Pre-Rut or Rut Hunt (either State)

5-Day Gun Hunt (either State)

Texas #1: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt over 10,000 acres (no high fences) in Midland and Glascock Counties of the south Texas panhandle. Bucks average between 120-150 class with an occasional 170-180+ taken with no trophy fees! Hunt tower stands, ground blinds and tripods over feeders and water holes. Fully guided hunt includes one buck, one doe, one Rio turkey, quail, daytime varmint hunting, meals and lodging.

4-Day Rifle Hunt

4-Day Archery Hunt

Additional Trophy Fee for 2nd Buck

Texas #2: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

This outfitter hunts the west central and southern part of the state. This is a great hunt because the hunter is allowed to harvest 6 types of game. Focus is on ranches where the hunter has a good chance of harvesting a nice mature deer, wild boar, turkey, javelin, bobcat and a coyote. Hunts are fully guided with meals and lodging included and run from October thru December.

5-Day Hunt

($1,995.00 deposit allows you to take 5 of the 6 animals and after harvesting a buck you pay the Trophy Fee Balance of $1,000.00)

Ohio: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt Southern Ohio for your next Trophy. This area consistently produces numerous P&Y and B&C bucks each year. With over 10,000 acres of private leases, this area is heavily wooded with lots of acorn ridges mixed with agricultural and fool plots. Careful selection of hunting land, strict deer management, food plots and minimal hunting pressure has provided the means to harvest trophy quality deer. Comfortable lodge and meals are included.

6-Day Archery Hunt - Early Season (Sept 26 - Oct 22)

6-Day Archery Rut Hunt - (Oct 24 - Nov 19)

7-Day Shotgun/Muzzleloader Hunt (Nov 30 - Dec 6)

4-Day Late Season Muzzleloader Only Hunt (Dec. 27 - Dec. 30)

8-Day Semi-guided Archery Hunt

6-Day Semi-guided Shotgun/Muzzleloader Hunt

(Semi-guided hunts do not include meals and lodging.)

Nebraska: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt over 70,000 acres in southwestern Nebraska along the North Platte River.With a good combination of river bottoms, agriculture and prairies, this hunt produces a high success ratio on quality bucks.You can harvest a whitetail or mule deer or both with an “over-the-counter license. Comfortable ranch house lodging and meals also included.

6-Day Archery Hunt (Sept. 15-Oct. 30)

4-Day Rifle Hunt (Nov. 12-Nov. 20)

7-Day Rifle Whitetail/Mule Deer Combo Hunt

Iowa: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt over 10,000 acres of prime habitat in southeast Iowa (Appanoose Co.) between Albia and Centerville near the small town of Moravia. Quality trophy management combined with superior genetics allow for big bodied giants to be harvested annually. Beautiful lodge with all the comforts of home and great meals await you at the end of each hunting day. This is a great choice for the serious trophy hunter to harvest above average quality deer.

6-Day Archery

5-Day Shotgun/Muzzleloader

5-Day Late Season Muzzleloader (Late Dec. - Early Jan.)

Wyoming/Montana: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt northeastern Wyoming and/or southeastern Montana on carefully selected, large private ranches.The deer herds on these ranches are of such high quality that hunters are asked to be patient and only harvest mature bucks. Most hunters will see numerous bucks during their hunt and success runs high at harvesting whitetails in the 135-150 B&C range.Hunters should be familiar with shooting rifles out to 300 yards to insure taking the finest trophy they see.Comfortable lodge accommodations and meals are included.

5 Day Archery Hunt

7 Day Archery Hunt

3 Day Rifle Hunt

4 Day Rifle Hunt

6 Day 2-Buck/2 State Hunt

Missouri #1: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt over 10,000 acres of prime habitat in northeast Missouri. Good trophy potential due to quality trophy management practices. Excellent lodging and meals included. Hunt with a rifle during the rut! No draw – “over-the counter” tags.

6-Day Archery (Oct. - Pre–Rut)

6-Day Archery (Nov. - Rut)

5-Day Rifle

5-Day Late Season Muzzleloader (Late Dec.)

Missouri #2: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt over 10,000 acres of prime hunting property in northeast Missouri(Adair, Putnam Counties.) just a few miles off the Iowa state line. Good mix of hardwoods, agriculture, creek bottoms and food plots on all farms. Strict deer management program (130 B&C minimum) allows serious hunters to target trophy quality deer. Beautiful 5,000 square foot lodge with private baths and meals are included.

6 Day Archery Hunt-Early Season

(Sept. 15-Oct. 22)

6 Day Archery Rut Hunt (Oct. 24-Nov. 12)

9 Day Archery/Rifle Combo Hunt

(Nov. 8-16 6 day archery/3 day rifle)

6 Day Archery/Rifle Combo Hunt

(Nov. 11-16 3 day archery/3 day rifle)

5 Day Rifle Hunt (Nov. 14-Nov. 24)

4 Day Muzzleloader Hunt (Dec. 19-22)

5 Day Unguided Archery Hunt

5 Day Unguided Rifle Hunt

*Combo Hunts can harvest 2 bucks

Saskatchewan: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

We represent several outfitters in the areas of Meadow Lake,Dore Lake, Lloydminster,Canoe Lake and Hudson Bay, all of which have above average trophy potential. High success on 140+ B&C bucks. Fully guided hunt, comfortable accommodations and meals, heated stands.

6-Day Rifle Hunt

Alberta #1: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt the Peace River of north central Alberta, 10,000 sq. miles of the “best whitetail habitat in North America”. Spot and stalk, rattling, calling and stand hunting. Fully guided, meals and lodging.

6-Day Hunt –  (All-Inclusive)

9-Day Hunt – (All-Inclusive)

Alberta #2: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

This hunt consistently produces big bodied, heavy antlered bucks.Located one hour west of Edmonton you will be hunting a large variety of terrain consisting of thousands of acres of farmland,boreal forest and river bottoms. Hunt out of heated blinds and tree stands overlooking feeding areas and heavily used travel and funnel routes.Accommodations, food and guide service are included.

7-Day Hunt (Nov 8-17)

10-Day Hunt (Nov 19-29)

(Can Combo with Moose or Mule Deer)

South Carolina: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt strategically placed stands located over natural food plots and agricultural fields of soybeans/peas,wheat/rye and corn, or in prime hardwood flats and bottoms where deer frequently feed,scrape and rub. Long season runs mid-August to January.Meals, lodging and guide service included.

3-Day Hunt

5-Day Hunt


BUCKS ONLY-Aug. 15 thru Sept. 14 (1 Buck* per sitting-2 per day)

BUCK OR DOE-Sept. 15 thru Jan. 1

1 Buck*, 1 Doe per sitting-2 each per day)

*No harvest of “Button Bucks”.

Maine: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

These giant whitetails of the north are big, elusive and certainly not behind every tree. Hunting these big woods requires patience as long days afield are the norm.Small bucks are generally passed in hopes of encountering a trophy. Depending on conditions, stand hunting is usually done early and late day,while tracking and still hunting is the method of choice during midday. Camp accommodations and hot home-cooked meals are included. This is a true wild experience at a very affordable price.

5-Day (Fully-Guided) Hunt

5-Day (Semi-Guided) Hunt

Legends Ranch: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt open fields to deep cedar ravines at the renowned “Legends Ranch”. Whether you like stand hunting, stalking or rattling, you will enjoy a truly challenging and unique hunting experience.With five star accommodations along with great meals and big bucks. Legends has it all. Individual and corporate packages available.

5-Day Pre-Rut (1x1) Hunt

5-Day Pre-Rut (2x1) Hunt

3-Day Pre-Rut (1x1) Hunt

5-Day Rut (1x1) Hunt