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This outfitter hunts both the Alaska Peninsula and Western Cook Inlet and has been doing so for three decades. The Cook Inlet hunts (Unit 16) are second to none. Since 1984 trophy brown bears have averaged over 9 ft. on the peninsula (Unit 9). This outfitter has an exclusive use permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Becharof National Wildlife Refuge allowing only three hunters per year.The area is on the Pacific side of the peninsula 30 miles from Kodiak Island across the Shelikof straight. Needless to say, there is an abundant brown bear population here.

15-Day AK Peninsula (Unit 9) Hunt

10-Day AK Peninsula (Unit 9) Hunt

16-Day AK Peninsula (Unit 9) Hunt

10-Day AK Peninsula (Unit 9) Hunt

12-Day Cook Inlet (Unit 16) Hunt

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This outfitter is authorized to provide hunts on the Chugach Alaska Corporation Lands in the Copper/Bering River District. This is excellent bear country with restricted access. Extreme terrain and weather, along with abundant salmon runs make this an area with outstanding trophy potential under exclusive wilderness hunting conditions.You can also choose to hunt the rain forest country from the Gravina Rocks/Prince William Sound camp. Here you will experience an amazing diversity of coastal wildlife and spectacular scenery, not to mention stalking along ancient bear trails in search of your giant trophy! Sold out until 2009.

10-Day (Copper/Bering River) Hunt

12-Day (Gravina/Prince William Sound) Hunt

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Hunt the Alaska Range (Unit 16B). Brown bears are abundant and you have equally good options of either a lodge-based hunt or a float hunt down a remote river.The lodge hunts may take place in either spring or fall.The spring hunts start with a hearty breakfast in the main lodge followed by a snowmobile ride up above treeline,where the day is spent glassing for bears that have just emerged from their dens on the surrounding slopes. Once a bear is spotted, the stalk is made on snowshoes. This is a great time to be in the Alaska outback as the skies are blue and the snowy peaks provide a great backdrop for glassing bears. The fall hunts involve spike camping above treeline and hiking the river bottoms or hillsides in search of bears feeding in blueberry patches. Another option is to float hunt on a remote Class II river. The river has several salmon runs and bears are attracted to the abundant food supply. Here you will camp every night among fresh bear tracks and stalk the pools and shallows for feeding bears. You may also combo your bear hunt with other species dependent on the season.

10 Day Spring Hunt – (Brown Bear & Black Bear)
10 Day Fall Hunt – (Brown Bear, Black Bear & Caribou)
(A 2nd Brown Bear can be harvested for a $3500.00 trophy fee.)

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These hunts are conducted in the prime areas of the Alaska Peninsula and world famous Kodiak Island.With the Alaska Peninsula having only one alternating season per year (even years-spring; odd years-fall), the bear population is abundant nearing to excessive.The most recent survey puts the numbers at 3.8 bears per square mile.There is no permit draw to hunt brown bear in this area.The spring hunt runs May 15th through May 25th giving you 11 days of hunting.The fall hunt runs for 10 days, October 1st through October 10th. Located about 65 miles southeast of King Salmon in the Ugashik Drainage, these hunts are conducted from spike camps that encompass nearly 600 square miles.Kodiak Island has had an exemplary management system for nearly 30 years, with an island wide bear per square mile average of 1.25.Kodiak has two seasons every year. In this area, there are 3 permits in the spring and 2 in the fall.These hunts run for 12 hunting days with the spring hunt beginning near the end of April and the fall hunt beginning near the end of October.These hunts are conducted from comfortable cabins.Both camps have high success on bears that average between 9-10 ft. Most skulls average between 25-28 inches with some exceeding 29 inches.

10-12 Day Hunt

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Kamchatka is one of the eastern regions of the Russian Federation. It is a peninsula and includes a part of the mainland, Karaginsky and Komandorsky islands. It is washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean, the Bering Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk.The landscape is mountainous and the Sredinniy Mountain range divides it into eastern and western parts.The western part is swampy lowland,whereas the eastern part is the valley of the Kamchatka river.The hunting season runs April 25th through May 25th. The hunt is conducted in a beautiful area in the south with snowmobiles. Good physical condition is not mandatory though recommended.You will be able to spot a number of bears every day, sometimes as many as 30.On average,however you will observe several bears per day. Spot and stalk is the general hunting method although driven hunts are used as well. Bears are extremely abundant and success is very high on bears that average between 9-10 ft.There are many detailed aspects of this hunt that must be handled prior to and during your hunt to have an enjoyable experience. Included in this hunt are the following: Visa support (letter of invitation and voucher), Firearms permit, medical insurance,meeting & departure service at Petropavlovsk airport, transportation from airport-hotel-camp (vehicles and snowmobiles), lodging and meals at camp, service of the camp staff (one guide per hunter, cook and translator for the group), rent of satellite phones, rent of snowmobiles, bear license, trophy skinning & preparation and trophy shipping documents (Vet.Certification & CITIES). This hunt offers both an unforgettable hunting and cultural experience.

10 Day Hunt