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Hunt Alaska's Chisana Valley, the site of the last great gold rush.Located within the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve, this guide area (GMU 12) is 65 miles long and 55 miles wide and is only accessible by aircraft.The Hard Park Boundary borders the area on two sides, and hunting is prohibited in the Hard Park. Due to the position of the guide area in relation to the Park's boundaries,Grizzlies roam freely into the hunting area out of the Hard Park, and as a result there are some fine trophies to hunt.This remote area supports a very healthy population as evidenced by the fact that a hunter can harvest a bear every year instead of one every four years like many other areas.These bears are true Mountain Grizzlies that never leave the Chisana Valley.However, they do travel a lot, and spend time in the timber and around the glaciers eating berries and digging up ground squirrels.After chartering into the main lodge, you will set out on horseback to one of many spike camps. Horses afford you the luxury of covering rough terrain, crossing rivers and packing a very comfortable camp deep into game country where no other vehicle or even aircraft can go. Spot and stalk will be the final leg of your quest for a trophy bear. Spring hunts are weather dependent and occur during April and May when the bears wake up and start emerging from their dens. The fall hunts begin on August 10th and run through the end of September and can be set up as a combo hunt with Dall Sheep and/or Moose.

10-Day Hunt

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Hunt the thick timber ridges, clearcuts and bottoms of the Williston Lake region of northcentral B.C. This 2,500 square mile concession has a high population of Interior Grizzlies. Big boars with beautiful prime hides and impressive claws are the targeted quarry here. Hunt either from a main lodge or numerous backcountry spike camps on horseback. This hunt is physically challenging which makes it that much more rewarding upon harvesting a trophy bear.

10 Day Hunt – Trophy Fee on Harvest

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Hunt the southeastern Kootenay region of British Columbia.This spot and stalk hunt is conducted primarily on horseback, with 4x4 and foot travel as needed.Hunt from various well-equipped spike camps in the backcountry. This hunt is conducted in the spring when the bears are coming out of their dens in a hasty search for food and nutrition.They are generally located in big mountain slides where new vegetation is sprouting and bears can be found foraging.This is a great time of year to be in the Rocky Mountains and you will see plenty of other big game species while glassing for these impressive wild animals. This is an outfitter guided hunt with primary focus on harvesting mature trophy boars. Success is very high and only a very limited number of permits are annually issued.

8 Day Hunt – Trophy Fee on Harvest