Wyoming: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt the Shoshone Wilderness Area just west of Cody.A great portion of this area was burned in the forest fires of 1998. Nature's regeneration since the fires has produced excellent habitat for elk & deer. During the past several seasons, approximately 70% of all harvested bulls were 6x6's or better. This is first and foremost a horseback operation , however being in good shape to do some hiking along with being capable with your weapon will greatly enhance your chances of harvesting a good bull.

7 Day (2x1) Archery Hunt

7 Day (2x1) Rifle Hunt

REMEMBER TO BOOK NOW FOR NEXT SEASON – License Application Deadline is Jan. 31st

Arizona: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Excellent Trophy Potential, Draw Basis – Applying in all the Top Units! Fully Guided, Lodgings & Meals.

6 Day Hunt

Colorado #1: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

This hunt takes place in GMU 20 which is considered a “quality elk unit” in Colorado’s limited draw system.The bull to cow ratio is approximately 52/100. unit 20 borders the unhunted, elk rich, 265,000 acre Rocky Mountain National Park on the park’s east side. Due to over population in and around RMNP,the CDOW also offers December and January hunts.These hunts are designed to coincide with the elk migration from the national park. Success on good bulls in all seasons is high if you have a place to hunt where there are elk. Since GMU 20 is over 50% private land, access is key to getting on good bulls and this outfitter has it. Most bulls harvested are 6x6’s over 300 B&C with several each year taken over 350. Trophy bulls may be available for hunters who are in good shape and who can “hold out” for the right animal.

Fully Guided (GMU 20) 6-Day (2x1) Hunt

Wilderness (GMU 19) Fully Guided 6-Day (2x1) Hunt

Wilderness Drop Camp Hunts also available (4 person camp)

Colorado #2: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Colorado is the first choice for many avid elk hunters, and there's nowhere like southwestern Colorado.Hunting is conducted on both public and private ranches (Units 71-72-73-74-711-741). Elevations range between 6,500- 14,000 ft.The hunts are fully guided with an experienced staff. Hunt from 4x4's then on foot. Hunting methods include bugling during the rut, spot and stalk and stand hunting over waterholes and food plots. Stay in a comfortable lodge with great meals.

5 Day Archery (2x1)Hunt
5 Day Muzzleloader (2x1) Hunt
5 Day Rifle (2x1) Hunt

Colorado #3: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt the San Juan National Forest in southwestern Colorado.Fully guided pack-in wilderness hunts along with non-guided drop camps are available. The fully guided pack-in hunt is a horseback hunt into the heart of elk country. Each morning after breakfast you will hunt on foot and it is not unusual to find game within sight of base camp.Accommodations are wall tents with wood burning stoves,cots, lanterns, chairs and carpeted floors.The base camp also includes a heated dining tent,shower facilities and an outhouse.Meals are prepared by a camp cook.The non-guided drop camp hunt is for the hunter who enjoys the challenge of hunting on their own.All of the necessary camping equipment including tents, lanterns,cooking stoves,wood stoves, etc. are provided.The hunting area is a mix of open meadows,aspen groves and pine stands ranging in elevation from 8,000-11,000 ft.Being in good physical condition will only enhance your opportunity for success.There are 5, 7 and 9 day hunts offered.

Guided Archery Hunt
Guided Rifle/Muzzleloader Hunt
Non-Guided Drop Camp Hunt (any weapon)

Note: Drop Camps require a minimum of 4 hunters

New Mexico #1: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt the famous Gila area of southwest New Mexico.These game management areas are designated by the N.M. Dept. of Fish and Game as quality elk areas and are well known for trophy class bulls. Mild winters and good genetics makes this a world class elk hunt. Fully guided hunt includes meals,lodging and trophy care.

Archery Hunts

Rifle/Muzzleloader Hunts

License Application Deadline – Mid-April. Guaranteed Landowner Tags Available (Some at No Extra Cost) If Not Successful In The Draw.

New Mexico #2: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt northern New Mexico (Unit 6). Each hunt has a limited number of licenses issued which ensures low hunting pressure and quality elk herds.The odds of drawing a license range from good to excellent depending on which hunt you choose.This hunt has had consistent past success with the majority of the hunters having an opportunity to take a mature bull. Fully guided hunt includes meals,wall tent accommodations (no horseback) and trophy care.

6 1/2 Day Archery

5-Day Rifle/Muzzleloader

New Mexico #3: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt West Central New Mexico (Unit 10) along the Arizona border near Gallup.This is a private ranch hunt on approximately 5,000 acres that takes only 4 bow hunters and 3 gun hunters each season. Gentle terrain ranges from 7,000-8,000 ft.Comfortable tent camp accommodations (no horseback) with meals are provided.This ranch offers a good opportunity to harvest above average bulls.

6 1/2 Day Archery (2x1) Hunt

(Includes Landowner Tag)

5 Day Rifle/Muzzleloader (2x1) Hunt

(Includes Landowner Tag)

New Mexico #4: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt northern New Mexico (Unit 4) near Chama.This is a private ranch hunt with a healthy population of elk and a very limited number of hunters taken. High success on bulls ranging from 270-320 B&C. Elevation ranges from 9,000-10,000 ft.Accommodations include a comfortable bunkhouse with electricity and running water.

6 1/2 Day Archery (2x1) Hunt

(Includes Landowner Tag)

5 Day Rifle/Muzzleloader (2x1) Hunt

(Includes Landowner Tag)

New Mexico #5: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt northern New Mexico (Unit 55) with a “small operation” outfitter who is dedicated to providing you with a high quality and memorable hunt.Most all hunts are conducted on private ranches along with a few public land areas that produce trophy animals. Terrain is moderate and includes heavy aspen timber, rolling hills and grassy meadows. Depending on the ranch, elevations will range from 7,000 - 12,000 ft. All hunts include meals, lodging, guide service and field care of your trophy.

7 Day Private Land Archery (2x1) Hunt
7 Day Public Land Archery (2x1) Hunt
5 Day Private Land Rifle/Muzzleloader (2x1) Hunt
5 Day Public Land Rifle/Muzzleloader (2x1) Hunt

British Columbia #1: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt the southeastern Kootenay Region, in the Bull River Drainage. Excellent modern lodge and spike camps. 500 sq. miles of scenic wilderness with varied terrain ranging from 4,000-8,000 ft. 6 pt. min. rule allows for great trophy potential. Horseback to remote areas that are virtually inaccessible by any other means. Hunt with rifle during the rut with an “over-the-counter” license.

6 Day Archery (2x1) Hunt
6 Day Archery (1x1) Hunt
7 Day Rifle (2x1) Hunt
7 Day Rifle (1x1) Hunt

(Other Species Including Mule Deer, Whitetail, Black Bear & Wolf Also Available.)

British Columbia #2: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt the thick timber ridges & bottoms of the Williston Lake region of Northcentral B.C.With a 6 point minimum rule & very limited hunting pressure, there are some good bulls to be had in this country. Hunt either from the main lodge or tent camps to suit your needs.You can also combo this hunt with other species on a trophy fee basis.

7 Day (2x1) Hunt

7 Day (1x1) Hunt

Idaho: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

This hunt takes place in The Clearwater and St. Joe National Forest of the rugged Bitterroot Mountains. Being in good physical condition is advised. Base and spike camps are very remote.These camp locations see very little hunting pressure allowing bulls to grow to trophy size.With very limited tag allocation this area has a healthy elk population. If you’re looking for a true back country adventure of a lifetime, this may be the hunt for you.

6-Day (2x1) Archery Hunt

6-Day (2x1) Muzzleloader Hunt

6-Day (2x1) Rifle Hunt

(Licenses & Tax are not included in Hunt Price.)

Alberta: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability

Hunt a large population of elk during the calling season with bow or rifle. The elk spend most of their time in the thick bush coming out to grassy clearings and farm fields to feed.This is where you will spend most of your time trying to ambush them.Bow hunters can combo this hunt with moose. 8-Day Elk Only Hunt – $6,000.00 Time Trying to Ambush Them. Bow Hunters can Combo this Hunt with Moose.

7 Day Archery (2x1) Hunt
7 Day Rifle (2x1) Hunt
7 Day Elk/Moose Combo Archery (2x1) Hunt